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My approach to decorating restaurants and cafes is positive -
let it be cheaper and as rich in associations as possible.

  However imaginative the interior of an eating-out establishment is, if grows old very fast, people become habituated to it, the effects of decoration extinguish. The restaurant is not dwelling, our rest (if it's possible to say so) there may last ten minutes to two hours and more. The human brain tires of the strains that colour, light and shape effects produce. It's similar to a living organism denial of assimilating superfluous food and drink.
  It's a matter of principle for me to use plain, cheap materials, now I dwell upon shape problems. Which themes are adequate enough to my ideas? Which forms won't tire the brain, but instil optimist? Which forms are able to maintain the optimistic state of minds? Like any other artist, I have a single answer - turn to nature.

 Grotto. 29 kb.

Say, it was necessary to create a surrounding, concentrating a customer's attention while the person is conversing over his cup of coffee. To achieve this, I employed archaic motives, the interior of a grotto. Emotions are pleasantly stimulated here both by "natural" effects (stalactites, a landscape on the background of falling water-drops) and by "artificial" ones (primitive "furnishing" of a nich, cave painting).

  The light problems turned out solved in the most economical way. Any "civilised" aids and lamps are absent. All lighting points are concealed behind "rocks" (have bulbs are fitted there). I consider this decision aesthetically vindicated: the vibrant warmth of the "cold cave" is produced not owing to breathtaking expensive effects but through the presence of real lite motives.

 A table-and-chair set. 35 kb.

As an example, the table-and-chair set represents playfully the motive of an "erectified leader" and a "coy woman". These figures, carved in wood, are not only "atmosphere warmers" but also functional. On the "leader" you can sit, and on the back of the "woman" you can set the table with wine and broiled veal.

Symbolic female figures at both sides of the metal door not only remind us of the fertility and generosity of feminine nature, but also serve to solve the ventilation problem. Their "frizzy" hair made out of light material (structural sealant) are sort of ventilation plates controlling the size of the vents for the influx of warm or cold air.

 Female figures. 29 kb.
 The extraction vent hood "Dinosaur`s skull". 37 kb.

The extraction vent itself is in the niche with "Dinosaur's skull".
= Every particular place where I've worked possesses certain peculiarity, certain speciality in problem-solving, but there is a general quality inherent in all my works - the employment of forms of living nature in their capacity of emotion-stimulants. As regards the economic aspect of my work, it is conditioned situationally.


 Art constitutes  a subjective  aspect of  human  creativity,  science - an  objective one.

 In the interior  an artist and a  scientist sign  a peaceful  agreement for  ever!