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  The moment I enter a private house with bare walls, emptiness and lack of any "architectural breathing", I realize the necessity to let life into this space, to introduce a certain rhythm.
  Powerful wooden ceilings overhanging artistically weak, unfinished walls and floor constitute a sort of construction dictatorship. The lack of an artist is sensed and, as a consequence, beauty is threatened.
  I decided to come to grips with it and embellish the arbitrariness of constructionism and "bare logic". I sensed that aestheticism was lacking in this space, not the aestheticism of a high-tech sort but the natural aestheticism in country style. (To be true, the style I produced was rather an intermingling of the Orient and Occident).

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Just look at this geometrical pattern of the stained glass with contrasting colour combinations
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The Ancient Persian palatial column with presentations of bulls
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The niche by the window with a schema-like design of an esoteric sort reminiscent of cabbalistic formulae
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The waterfall made of natural stones on the background of tiles
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The workout room with decoration reminding the walls of Babilon palaces
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The relieved vine and the overhanging floral elements near the column

  Several style trends are present here: the plastic line of Art Nouveau, the raw surfaces of the "country", the symbolism of Gothic. But, as becomes the interior of the countryside house, the "country" style prevails.
  My "country" is non-standard; it is not devoid of sense and spirituality. And I mixed some nobleness leaning towards luxury and some ecclesiastic symbolism into my "country".
  I would rename my style as "country tales". All of us read fairy tales in our childhood. All of us identified ourselves with the tales characters, felt compassion for them. Why in our middle age, when we are imbued with strength, not realize our early dreams, not live in a house where the atmosphere of fairy tales reigns, where a hut of a forester or of a peasant exists near a king's castle.
  For the atmosphere of sheer nobleness and luxury oppresses and strains the psychic of one who is to live in the space permanently. Isn't there more versatility and richness in an area where everything can be found, where an alliance is made between the rich and the poor, and the motto this alliance is  Beauty.


 Art constitutes  a subjective  aspect of  human  creativity,  science - an  objective one.

 In the interior  an artist and a  scientist sign  a peaceful  agreement for  ever!